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Winter Reveals the Essence

The bare rawness of winter has a way of revealing character, a stripping away to what is perhaps hidden in the grandeur of the other seasons. There is a quiet beauty to it too, like the hush between falling snow and nothing but the whisper of cold night air under winter stars. We need winter where the heart speaks loudest. Not in want of the other seasons but in the truth made known in fortitude, patient endurance and the revealing of what resides on the base layer of our being.

Full Wolf Moon of January 23 2016 rising over path at Sugarcreek MetroPark near Dayton Ohio by Jim Crotty
Full Wolf Moon of January 23 2016 rising over path at Sugarcreek MetroPark near Dayton Ohio by Jim Crotty

Winter Nature Photography Workshop | February in Hocking Hills Ohio

Join Professional Photographer Jim Crotty as he leadsa small group workshop on the art of winter nature and landscape photography amongst the sandstone gorges, frozen waterfalls and woodlands of Hocking Hills State Park.

Learn the tips and techniques behind Jim’s award-winning images. This workshop will be a balance of classroom and field instruction with the group exploring subjects such as ice formations, the landscape in winter and still life in winter window light. Open to all levels of skill and experience with the DSLR camera. Minimum equipment required. Fee includes buffet lunch at The Inn at Cedar Falls, guided instruction and workshop handouts.

Limited to first 20 registered participants.

$89 per person. $20 deposit to register. PayPal to “[email protected]” or check to Picture Ohio, LLC 2581 Trebein Rd. Xenia OH 45385

Call 937-896-6311or email [email protected] for more information. PDF printable gift certificates available for Christmas.

The location is the beautiful setting and facilities of The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills, Ohio.


In The Providence of Light and Faith

The beauty of natural light in photography is that it often speaks of what is not seen just as much as the subject being illuminated. What is happening that makes it fall on a subject in the full range of gradation between brightness and shadow? How and what is reflecting the light as it filters through a winter window or bare branches covered in snow?

The photographer is the composer who connects notes beyond merely subject and background but orchestrates the finer instruments that set the subject to the beauty of its true character. In that regard light is like faith. It’s spirit-filled. I lose myself to it when it brings into alignment subject, feeling and expression. Whether the subject is arranged or a landscape presented, it calls and I answer.

PaperwhiteNarcissusbyJimCrottyFW Christmas star in attic of farmhouse at Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty Mourning Doves roosting in winter sun by Jim Crotty IMG_2567 1E2K26221E2K9163 Leaf in Snow Black and White Nature Photography by Jim Crotty

Embrace the Light | Photography and Winter in Ohio

I like to say – ‘it’s all about the light,’ and compared to the height of summer, winter is actually one of the best times of year in the Midwest to capture images that will be some of the best within their portfolios. From snowy landscapes to colorful skyscapes to macro photography of textures and form, it’s all there and more often than not, right outside the door. And then there’s all that wonderful winter window light to work with when it comes to indoor still life and natural light portraits.

Form and texture predominate when it comes to photographing nature close-ups and landscapes during winter in Ohio. Color is sparse, and where it appears in the frame is almost always muted. The warmth of bright highlights takes a backseat to soft shadows. The browns and grays of the remnants of autumn contrast against often featureless, white background. The eye is guided by simple shapes. The photographic artist is relieved of the pressure and tendency to try to include too much within the frame, and the quiet of a winter afternoon in the woods offers far more of the solitude and deliberate pace preferred by the nature photographer.

My first, true outing for a full day of winter landscape and nature photography occurred early this year, coinciding with the winter solstice of December 2010. My chosen location was my favorite old “haunt” of Hocking Hills State Park, in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio. Hemlock-filled gorges where I’m surrounded by sandstone walls offering a canvas of subdued orange, red and brown, all from eons of the carving hand of the seasons. In the smaller subjects at my feet, along the icy trail, were the small, simple lines remaining after the previous growing season.

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