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What Remains on Flickr.But at least it’s a good background for high school senior portraits. U

What Remains on Flickr.

But at least it’s a good background for high school senior portraits. Urban decay in Dayton. I think the motivation to revisit and post this image came after reading about another burglary/break-in of a friend’s home in the South Park neighborhood of Dayton. It’s a few blocks away from the location of this image, near the intersection of Wayne and 5th. I found and photographed the site on a gloomy winter afternoon in January 2009. That following March I entered a horizontal version of the scene in the juried print competition of the Professional Photographers of Ohio annual conference and trade show. It was selected for display earning an Award of Merit. The next week I fielded calls from three other pro photographers in Ohio who wanted to know where this secene was located. “It will be great for my high school seniors.” I help other pro photographers. A lot. Anyhoo, a message to my friend who was robbed – don’t feel like it’s just Dayton. Here in the high $ tourist area of tawny Hilton Head Island the robberies, muggings and break-ins are becoming just as frequent. The decay and decline everywhere is palpable and it’s sad. My fear is that one of these days a photographer and his or her client will get robbed while shooting at one of these “cool looking, urban” settings. Be careful. Please.