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2018 | Renew the Authentic and the Compassionate Heart

We have the capacity to choose what echoes through the coming years of our lives, whether it be the pain of hurt and regret or the memory of those times when we pushed through with faith to carry-on to new growth and possibilities.

The temptation to remain in the comfort of hurt and regret is always there, particularly when we find ourselves in environments where we are surrounded by reminders of our past and there’s a constant, dark shadow energy of playing it safe and serving something that will never serve what’s best for our hearts.

It’s all meaningless when we commit ourselves to the discipline of growth and change and shake loose the tentacles of our past who are dependent on maintaining their cold, hard grips. It’s all noise when we choose to listen to the soul-destiny of what should – and still can – be in the full fruition of our talents. It’s nothing compared to the light of our courage to go on and prove to the dark shadow energy just how dark and sad it really is.

The excuses we convince ourselves of are just that, excuses. Instead just imagine the wonderful power of change and example being set for the generations to follow, to not succumb, to challenge, to grow, to stay fully in awareness of heart, mind and soul. To be beyond our present circumstances in fully in the light of possibility.

May 2018 be the year all of us break free from all that is toxic for the soul and return to the essence of what is good and lasting and hopeful.

Modernity and its money-induced machines have placed in us this tendency toward unhealthy addictions that do nothing but serve our fears and egos while starving the heart, of true connection, of authenticity, of compassion beyond mere appearances. There is so much more to life than all of that. I know!

May 2018 be the year we regain the high ground not of pride and self-appointed authority of some pain we refuse to release but of reawakened wonder and pursuit of what it is that makes the heart sing in pure, honest joy. Hold there – the real high ground – and let love hold what is beautiful in you and let the light fill fully where it has longed to be.

Returning to Peace through Art | Photography and Healing

Panorama landscape photography of Hilton Head Island by Jim Crotty

In the beauty of nature and through the expression of art resides the healing power of grace, now more than ever. In a world full of tragedy and sadness it is often the outward expression of heartfelt emotion that can return us to that central place of peace we all long for, whether such expression is through visual, written or music. It can help begin the process of regathering and re-centering. Hope begins again.

In no way is this a post of self-promotion. It’s my thoughts and feelings on how art – specifically photography – has been a Godsend throughout the vast majority of my 48 years here along the shared journey of this called life. Although I’ve been fortunate enough to never have experienced anything nearly as gut-wrenching and unbearable as losing a child I have experienced the outer edges of the darkness that is hopelessness.

Somehow, someway, the peaceful nature of the human spirit prevails. It must. To adhere to anything to the contrary is an exercise in futility. To continue with hope is a strength and courage far beyond what evil intentions and actions could possibly ever understand.

My photography today seems as almost a sixth sense that has always been there for me. I try to not to take it for granted and always remain grateful for how it came into my life so many years ago, when I was about 12 years old. There were times when I wandered away but it waited patiently for me to return.

To live and work within art is a way of life – a way forward – that artists know. While some opine, quantify and calculate, artists hold true to their need to constantly feel, express and share.

It’s our way of saying “hold on to hope because here’s a hint of something so much more.”


Maritime Forest Sunrise | South Carolina Landscape Photography by Jim Crotty


Locations and Light | What the Photographer Feels

A tale of two locations. Corrales, New Mexico and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Evening and morning. The edges of the day present a quality of light that entices the landscape photographer, but in each location a uniqueness to that quality. What is that causes the difference ? Partly due to elevation of the landscape and humidity or dryness of the air, but there’s something else – something that can’t quite be described in words but only experienced with the eyes and heart.

Any visual artist or lover of the visual arts understands the unspoken connection between the creative spirit within and the experience of subject and light of a particular place. In many ways it is like a dance, a love affair intertwined with the emotion of memory and longing and hopefulness. Shadows and light and echoes of the heart. Some think the way of the solitary artist to be one of sadness. It is not. To pursue this passion is an engagement of all the senses as well as God-given talent and the desire to share and inspire. To create, to capture, is to live and love.

Light is life and the through photography the spirit of place is illuminated through the art of expression.

I will never cease to be thankful for that first day when I picked-up a camera and went off into the woods.