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Anxious for Autumn

Best Ohio Nature Photography by Jim Crotty 21

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This always happens right about this time of year. I start to get anxious for autumn. I’m a creature of the light. As a photographer that’s what it is all about. I also know the light of the seasons in Ohio lack the back of my hand. This time of year is what I often refer to as ‘the dead of summer.’

Hot, hazy and humid doesn’t do a thing for me when pursuing outdoor subjects. But as soon as the calendar shows August, and the light begins to angle just a bit lower in the sky, the artist within awakens once again and I begin to plan my autumn outings.

I’m especially excited about this coming autumn because I will be presenting a two-day, field workshop – “The Season of the Good Light” – in my all-time favorite location for autumn landscape photography in Ohio, Hocking Hills. The base location for the workshop, which will be a combination of both classroom and field shoots, will be that magical place of creative spirit, The Inn at Cedar Falls.

The workshop will be limited to just 25 attendees. There are only 10 openings still available. If you are interested in participating, please see http://ohiophoto.org/public_html/twodayphotoworkshops.html.