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Moving-In | Hilton Head Photography Studio and Gallery

Over the last couple of days I’ve been gathering and relocating all of my photo biz materials (prints, bins, office furniture, computer gear, lights and light stands, soft boxes, etc.) to my new photography studio and gallery, located @ The Village Exchange on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. The official address is 32 Palmetto Bay Road, #3A.

As you can see by the images included with this post the renovations are nearly complete. The final walk-through inspection was approved and now I’m just waiting on the fixtures for the track lighting, vinyl lettering on my door window and sign. Once the Town of Hilton Head receives notification of my occupancy permit I will have my local vendor’s license and then I can schedule a grand opening. What’s really special is that my daughters Emma and Chloe will be here with me for that grand opening. It will be cool to have them help me plan and present the opening event.

For the last 10 years the space served as a location for a hair salon, so naturally some renovations and updates were needed. I wasn’t originally planning on a new wood floor but now that it’s in place I couldn’t possibly see how carpet would have worked with what I have in mind for this location.

Mike Halley of MH Construction, Inc., here on Hilton Head, has done an excellent job. I’m very pleased and thankful – thankful to have this opportunity to present my photography in such a great location. I’m blessed.