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What Keeps Us Away From Beauty | The True Sin

Often the hardest part is just making the time to go out and explore with camera and a free mind. What I mean by that is just being able to let all else fall away, if only for a moment, and allow all the scenes to come to you. So much beauty right outside our doors but we are literally pummeled today with so much noise and pressure that keeps us away from it.

That’s not right. That’s the true sin.

No matter what may be or what may come, find the time to return to the simple gifts of grace found in the blessed light of your sacred place.

And then the REAL photographer – and the photographs that speak of the spirit – emerge.

Incoming Tide by Jim Crotty

Accentuating the Essentials | Nature in Black and White Photography

I continually return to black and white as my favorite method of presenting my nature and landscape photographs. Perhaps it’s because it’s buried so deep in my roots as a photographer, having started down the photographic path so many years ago with an old Pentax, rolls of tri-x film and a homemade black and white darkroom.

The following is a recent black and white conversion of a springtime image captured on a morning in May 2010 deep in the sandstone recesses of Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve, located in Hocking Hills. The soft light of the forest floor resulted in a wonderful range of tones.