In The Providence of Light and Faith

The beauty of natural light in photography is that it often speaks of what is not seen just as much as the subject being illuminated. What is happening that makes it fall on a subject in the full range of gradation between brightness and shadow? How and what is reflecting the light as it filters through a winter window or bare branches covered in snow?

The photographer is the composer who connects notes beyond merely subject and background but orchestrates the finer instruments that set the subject to the beauty of its true character. In that regard light is like faith. It’s spirit-filled. I lose myself to it when it brings into alignment subject, feeling and expression. Whether the subject is arranged or a landscape presented, it calls and I answer.

PaperwhiteNarcissusbyJimCrottyFW Christmas star in attic of farmhouse at Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty Mourning Doves roosting in winter sun by Jim Crotty IMG_2567 1E2K26221E2K9163 Leaf in Snow Black and White Nature Photography by Jim Crotty

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