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The Rabbit Room — Paul Simon’s Search for God.

The Rabbit Room has become my favorite blog for both artistic and spiritual inspiration. Yes, it’s Christian-based.

It blows me away how in just about every art form and with every artist spirituality eventually always breaks through in one form and way or the other.

Funny how that happens.

I gave up long ago trying to hide the fact that spirituality plays a major role in how and what I photograph. As evident in the comments made by Paul Simon in the video and Russ Ramsey in the blog article, the art mirrors so much of what is taking place within the artist. The earthly expression of the soul is indeed the spirit of faith. One rises upon the other. The interpretation becomes the interconnection of light, feeling and experience and is most obvious in those works – whether visual, written or musical – that move both artist and audience outside of themselves. The initial pause of transcendence may only be a mere moment but the desire for that feeling and the memory of that moment is timeless.

The spirit and soul of the artist lives and breathes in the eternal truth of his or her best work. Love poured-out through an open lens or at the tip of a paintbrush or end of pen is part of a heart that takes flight and can never be retrieved.

My photography is my art and my art is feeling set free. With creating art and capturing images my heart rises on the energy of a purposefulness far beyond just daily necessity and survival. What is sent out through artistic expression is almost always followed by the quiet realization of ‘yes, this is what I was meant to do’ and peace arrives.

I am blessed. I am thankful.

Thank you Paul Simon and Russ Ramsey.

“The art informs the world but turns back to you, continuing to inform you, bring you pleasure, and inspiring your ‘eyes to see and ears to hear.”




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