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I’m honored and grateful that Fading Notes (below) was selected as one of ten finalists in the “Time” category of Canon and Ron Howard Project Imagin8ion. Just knowing that one of my images was considered in this wonderful creative project involving community provided content is a huge thrill. Fading Notes is a photograph captured during a quite and cold day in January 2010 in the upper floor repair room of the Hauer Music store in Dayton, Ohio. The old wood and textures of the subjects – aged musical instruments – were ideal for the softness of the winter window light made even more haunting and subtle due to a snowstorm going on outside. It was one of those moments and places where the photographer loses him or herself in the scene and the light.

Congratulations to fellow photographer Brooke Shaden and her winning image, Running from the Wind. When I first viewed her image, as one of other finalists in the Time category, I knew it would be a tough one to beat as it is exquisite. What’s very interesting is to listen to Ron Howard explain why he chose this image. Fascinating, and gives some insight into the creative mind and artistic style of one the best known film directors.

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