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Sweet November | Retreat Surrender Rise

I love November in Ohio. I love November just about everywhere else too. It’s that quiet, beautiful pause before the onrush of the joyful stress of the holidays. It’s also a month of amazing light on the landscape. So many nature photographers get caught-up in chasing “peak color” in October that they lose sight of what it is that truly makes autumn the best time for outdoor image captures. This is where November comes in. Personally I prefer those haunting sunsets in early evening and all those wonder textures and shapes of bared branches and fields gone to seed. The subtle hues of tans and browns mixed with a reddish tone here and there. It’s that last yawn of nature before she retires to her winter slumber.

November is that time to “crunch about in the woods” on a newly installed carpet of huge Sycamore leaves. It’s a moody sky foretelling the arrival of frigid air from the north.

A gang of Crows, a gathering of White-tailed Deer, a watchful Red-tailed Hawk, a visiting Bald Eagle.

November is the month of simple gifts. A time fall back, gather-in the boundaries a bit, re-access and prioritize. To give thanks, to receive and give love. To hope.

OfFearandFaithbyJimCrottyFW ThroughTheWindow3byJimCrottyFW In the Remains of the Season by Jim Crotty November 13 2013 Sunset on Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 2 November on Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 4 TheClassicbyJimCrottyFW NovemberHarvestbyJimCrottyFW