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The Art of Photography on Hilton Head Island | Being Persistent

UPDATE 12-24-13: Since writing this post I have returned to living and working near Dayton, Ohio. I now provide photography services, print sales and lessons/workshops from my farm home in Beavercreek Township, Ohio

Visitors to my studio on Hilton Head are always amazed to find out that the 30″x40″ canvas prints on the walls are indeed photographs. I think it’s because most people are not accustomed to seeing photographic prints with such detail in that size. When it comes to fine art nature photography for the discerning buyer of art, I honestly feel I have some of the best images of nature and landscape subjects captured in and around Hilton Head Island. I’m not being boastful. That’s not part of my personality. In fact those who are closest to me and know me the best are becoming more and more agitated that I’m not boastful enough when it comes to marketing and promoting my work.

Hilton Head Island is a tough market when trying to sell fine art photography. There’s a “closed loop” so to say that often has more to do with factors other than the quality and originality of the artwork. But I keep going at it, chipping away. I may be more on the quiet side when it comes to sales and marketing but I do have determination.

The following web galleries – links listed below – were recently updated with images captured as recently as last week. It’s one thing to view an impressive photograph on a computer screen. Were quality can be accurately measured as how well these images reproduce as large format prints. Anyone who has seen my prints will attest to the fact that my photography more than measures-up.

All of the images presented in the following online galleries are available as fine art prints crafted by a lab that caters to professional photographers. I’ve been working with this lab for over six years now, and their attention to detail is second to none, so much so that another more well-established professional photographer here on Hilton Head recently contacted me to find out the identity of that particular lab.

Gee, I wonder why ?

Hilton Head Digital Art Photography –

Hilton Head Fine Art Nature and Landscape Photography –

And not only impressive looking large format prints but stock licensing as well. My nature and landscape photography of Hilton Head Island and the surrounding area can serve as excellent additions to local business web sites, print advertisements, brochures and even billboards. The images on the web site, brochures and billboards for Hilton Head’s newest attraction – Zip Line Hilton Head at Broad Creek Marina – is almost entirely Photography by Jim Crotty, both stock and assignment.


Images Win Honors at Fall Conference of Professional Photographers of Ohio

The Professional Photographers of Ohio (PPO) is one of several professional organizations that I belong to, along with PPA and NANPA. Staying active and participating in the annual conferences and meetings of these organizations has been a great source for photography education, networking and inspiration. PPO hosts both an annual convention and trade show each spring and a fall conference and trade show every November. The March convention had been held each year in Dayton, but starting in 2011 it will be held in Sandusky. I’m a bit bummed about that change because the Dayton Convention Center was only about a 15 minute drive from my home studio. The November conference is held each year at the Easton Town Center in Columbus.

One of the benefits of staying involved in PPO is the opportunity to submit my work in both the annual convention print competition and the fall conference digital print competition. Photographs are judged by other professional photographers, many of whom have impressive backgrounds with years of pro shooting experience and established credentials within the craft and business of professional photography.

The print competitions are a great way to measure progress as a professional photographer and where you stack-up when compared to your peers. This was the second year that I’ve entered work within the nature/landscape category. Last year I won both 1st and 2nd place. At this past weekend’s conference in Columbus two of my five images that were submitted won both 1st and 3rd place in the nature/landscape category. Granted I know that’s an area where I have the most experience. My next step is to begin entering images within the category that’s a bit more competitive – portraiture. However, with a recent jump in activity in my work with family and senior portraits I’m confident that I will have images worth submitting for competition come next spring.

Below are the two nature/landscape images that won 1st (Sunflower Form) and 3rd place (Hunters Moon), respectively, in the Digital Print Competition of the 2010 Fall Conference of the Professional Photographers of Ohio