Thanksgiving in Ohio | Autumn’s Farewell at Sugarcreek

November is one of those months when everything goes quiet before the rush of the holidays. It’s also that last bit of autumn before winter closes-in and the frigid air from northward descends and the snow begins to fall.

On the Friday evening following Thanksgiving I snuck away for a run at my favorite Dayton area MetroPark – Sugarcreek. I timed it just right so that I could also spend some time capturing images of the setting sun in the tall grass meadow. I had brought with me on this trip one camera body – Canon 5D Mark II – and three lenses.

Though most of the fall color is gone this time of year still offers a variety of natural subjects with interesting shapes and textures. The remains of the previous season spread-out for the artist’s eye against a sunset sky that becomes dynamic and color-filled as the warm air from the south performs its’ rearguard action against the overwhelming advance of the season of white and gray.

Fields of gold. Seasons come and go and come again. People move away but will always return to where love awaits. And there are places where for a brief moment we learn to be still in the presence of the eternal. Let it all go and follow the heart to where it wants to be.

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