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Living Dayton Appearance | Fall Photography in Ohio

I am thankful for the opportunity to appear on the September 29 2015 episode of “Living Dayton,” which airs at noon on WDTN Channel 2 here in the Dayton area. I had fun showing a few sample images and talking photography with host Sallie Taylor.

Photo Workshop Announcend for September 20 2014 | Cox Arboretum Dayton Ohio

I am happy to present a fall photography workshop amongst the beautiful gardens of Cox Arboretum MetroPark, near Dayton Ohio. This will be a one-day program that includes both classroom and field instruction, with subjects that include close-up nature, landscapes and outdoor portraits. Classroom instruction will be presented in the Mead Theater Room at Cox Arboretum, interspersed with outings to the gardens for demonstrations and exercises in composition, camera settings, lighting and more.

Toward the end of the workshop I will have time for students to share select images for class and instructor critiques, always conducted in a way to positively reinforce creative ability, technical skill and artistic vision.

I love photography but perhaps I love teaching photography even more. Come share in my passion for both the art and craft of photography. Late September at Cox Arboretum provides exquisite lighting conditions and wonderful natural subjects to photograph, including a tall grass prairie in its late summer/early fall splendor.

There will be models on hand for my field instruction on outdoor portraits, using both natural light and detached flash. Students will learn the difference between simple snapshots and professional portraits with my best tips on posing, angles, light direction and depth of field.

Classroom instruction will feature managing and editing image files using Adobe Lightroom and the Nik plug-in software.

This workshop is primarily geared toward those just starting out with their first DSLR camera, however, I often have advanced photographers attend my introductory workshops because there is always an opportunity to learn and share in a group instruction setting. A DSLR camera is not required but strongly recommended. Students are encouraged to bring all of their equipment.

The cost is $89 per person which includes a catered box lunch from Panera Bread. The workshop will begin at 8:30 AM and conclude by 5:00 PM. There is a $20 deposit required to reserve a seat. I try to keep my workshops limited to the first 20 people who register so as to ensure quality of personal instruction. Deposit payments can be made by check to: Picture Ohio LLC 2581 Trebein Rd. Xenia OH 45385 or via PayPal to “”

Come enjoy a beautiful day of fun and learning and see why it is that I still have as much passion and enthusiasm for the camera and light as I did when I first got started many years ago. It will be a photographic experience you will always remember, and one which will make a big difference with what you can accomplish with your camera.

Email or call 937-896-6311.

SeptemberLight2014FallWorkshopHalfPageFlyerFW September Sky by Jim Crotty 4 Dandelion Silhouette by Jim Crotty Chloe Natural Light Portrait by Jim Crotty


Spring Photo Workshops | April 12 at Cox Arboretum and May 2 in Hocking Hills

Celebrate spring with Professional Photographer Jim Crotty as he leads a small group workshops on the art of Ohio nature and landscape photography amongst the gardens, fields and woodlands of both Cox Arboretum MetroPark, near Dayton, and at The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills.

Learn the tips and techniques behind Jim’s award-winning images. This workshops will be a balance of classroom and field instruction with the group exploring subjects such as spring flowers with a portion of the workshop devoted to outdoor portraits at Cox Arboretum and waterfalls in Hocking Hills. The classroom portion of both workshops will emphasize digital file management and editing tools as well instructor reviews of student images.

Open to all levels of skill and experience with the DSLR camera. Minimum equipment required. Fee includes lunch (box lunch from Panera Bread at Cox Arboretum and catered lunch at The Inn at Cedar Falls), guided instruction and workshop handouts. Limited to first 20 people who register.

$89 per person. $20 deposit to register. Payable via PayPal to or check to Picture Ohio, LLC  2581 Trebein Rd  Xenia OH  45385

Email or call 937-896-6311.



Winter Nature Photography Workshop | February in Hocking Hills Ohio

Join Professional Photographer Jim Crotty as he leadsa small group workshop on the art of winter nature and landscape photography amongst the sandstone gorges, frozen waterfalls and woodlands of Hocking Hills State Park.

Learn the tips and techniques behind Jim’s award-winning images. This workshop will be a balance of classroom and field instruction with the group exploring subjects such as ice formations, the landscape in winter and still life in winter window light. Open to all levels of skill and experience with the DSLR camera. Minimum equipment required. Fee includes buffet lunch at The Inn at Cedar Falls, guided instruction and workshop handouts.

Limited to first 20 registered participants.

$89 per person. $20 deposit to register. PayPal to “” or check to Picture Ohio, LLC 2581 Trebein Rd. Xenia OH 45385

Call 937-896-6311or email for more information. PDF printable gift certificates available for Christmas.

The location is the beautiful setting and facilities of The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills, Ohio.


New Price for October Workshop in Hocking Hills Ohio | My Most Popular Workshop

The price for the weekend workshop at The Inn at Cedar Falls, in Hocking Hills Ohio, is now just $280. This is my most popular workshop. The program will run from noon Friday October 25 to noon Sunday October 27 2013. I will be guiding the group to my favorite locations in Hocking Hills for fall nature and landscape photography, demonstrating camera settings, lens selection, composition techniques and awareness of optimal lighting conditions. The group will be limited to just 20 participants so that all who attend receive personal attention and instruction.

OPEN TO ALL SKILL LEVELS, beginner to advanced. I provide a valuable learning experience to all who attend as well as a learning atmosphere that is fun and inspires rather than intimidates. Just ask anyone who has attended one of my workshops in the past. The only photography I do of my own during my workshops is for when I am demonstrating a technique or tool. I am there for my students. Not to impress, not to capture new material but to teach, guide and encourage in our shared journey of capturing the beauty of nature in the incredible, haunting landscape of the Hocking Hills.

The fee includes expert field and classroom instruction, custom workshop booklet with maps and handouts, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday (the food at The Inn at Cedar Falls is excellent) and a learning experience that will make a positive difference in your photography.

To register call 937-477-9324 or email There is a $50 deposit requirement to reserve a spot for the workshop, payable via PayPal to “” or by check to: Picture Ohio LLC 2581 Trebein Rd. Xenia OH 45385. More information about the workshop available @

Sunrise at The Inn at Cedar Falls by Jim CrottyAt Old Man's Cave by Josh Mayes Return to the Hills October 2011 Photography Workshop by Jim Crotty

Sojourners in Holy Lands

I’m honored and pleased that one of my images – Dawn from Clingman’s Dome in Great Smoky Mountain National Park – was used as inspiration for the following video, produced and created by Gary Garwood,  of longtime friend Stephen Emerick reading his work, “Far Off Mountains.” Stephen is a psychologist, poet and musician in Dayton, Ohio.

Watching this video I can’t help but think of how important it is to find fellow travelers to those dwelling places of the heart where we discover what it is that moves the soul and heals the spirit. Every artist is blessed with moments and experiences that must be expressed through his or her art, whether it be music, poetry, writing or even photography. There are certain photographs I’ve captured over the last few years that speak best of that expression within me.

But what’s greater than the actual work itself are the sojourners who accompany us on our creative endeavors through these holy lands. By giving oneself completely to the his or her chosen art of expression an opening occurs where others can arrive, join in the process and journey with us. What one poet expresses in words the photographer supports through images. When notes of music come from the soul of the musician the compositions of the writer join in praise of the spirit.

A significant portion of the maturing process of the artist is the realization that we do not discover, create and express based solely on solitary experience, even if it appears as such to most who regard artists from a safe distance.

Over the last few years I’ve been blessed with several sojourners who have been supportive without judgment, encouraging without motive and tolerant of my occasional fears and insecurities. Stephen Emerick is one of them. Others have returned after being away for many, many years. Some are anchored deep within my heart. One or two might be shocked that I consider them artists at all, but they are. All are as patient as the seasons. Adams had Weston and O’Keefe. Weston and O’Keefe had Adams.

The expression of life experience as art is only alive when serving a higher purpose beyond self and profit. For that to happen the connection between souls is essential and should always be mutually supportive. When one artist holds true to expressing from his or her heart – with the courage of honest intent – many more take notice and are encouraged and challenged to reach beyond their own doubts and fears.

Sojourners joined in the light.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stephen a several collaborative publishing projects involving my photography of Hocking Hills and his poetry. These books are available in the gift shop at The Inn at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills. Also, Stephen and his daughter Shawna Emerick, who leads yoga practices in NYC, will be leading a three-day retreat at The Inn at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills titled “The Nature of Life: Inner Voice – Inner Light” from October 27-29 2013. Their program follows my weekend workshop on fall nature photography, also at The Inn at Cedar Falls.