A Beautiful Mess | Leaving The Leaves Be Where They Fall

A Beautiful Mess. Of leaving the leaves where they fall and letting go of expectations.So much of the stress we place on ourselves resides in the inheritance of the self-imposed pressure of meeting unrealistic expectations – of not disappointing those who will never be willing to freely release their approval in the first place, no matter how hard we try. Why is it that we so willingly give over the power of approval to those who are reinforced by this negative energy when God has already released us from such binds ? There is a beauty to the simple grace that arrives when we not only learn to let go of our own pride-filled expectations of others but also when we regain the rightful inheritance of peace based on an unconditional and all-powerful love. There is never a need to earn what has already been given. Declare today to stop the cycle of the sinful inheritance, embrace the gift that has already been given and just enjoy the beauty of all the simple graces of each day, including a yard full of fallen leaves!


Best of Summer 2013 | Photography by Jim Crotty

In Grace and Gratitude All Good Things by Jim CrottyGuided by Grace by Jim CrottyOn a September Moon by Jim CrottySky Dance by Jim CrottySunset August 25 2013 from Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 4September | Black and White Landscape Photography by Jim Crotty
Chloe August 2013 by Jim CrottyPhil on ATVSunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 11ChloePhilipRappellinginHockingHillsFWSunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 10Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 4
Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 3Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 1Dandelion Silhouette by Jim CrottyWaxing Gibbous Moon on August 15 2013 by Jim CrottyIn the Light of Morning by Jim CrottyDeep Within the Spirit of this Place by Jim Crotty
Contentment Tree Frog by Jim CrottySunset August 25 2013 from Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 3Sunset August 25 2013 from Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 2Waning Gibbous Moon on August 25 2013 by Jim CrottyBillowing | Black and White Sky PhotographyCabin at Beavercreek Park by Jim Crotty

From both personal and photographic standpoints, this past summer – the summer of 2013 – was full of incredible blessings. It began with my move from Texas back home to Ohio where I began the process of reconnecting with the place where I’ve previously experienced the greatest amount of personal and professional fulfillment and of which I have the strongest emotional and family connections. I will always, always be thankful to have found Raptor Ridge – my eight acre farm in Beavercreek Township – where I have the blessings of beautiful nature all around me, everyday. It’s amazing. But there were even more incredible blessings that arrived this summer as well, ones that I did not see coming. To celebrate life in the grace of gratitude. To be able to capture images along the way is just icing on the cake. I am so thankful. Peace.

In the Turning of the Season | The Amazingness of September on the Ohio Landscape

In the openings, from day to dusk and summer to autumn, is where hope connects to answered prayers. The light comes through from setting sun to evening star. Night falls and in the valley below, two Great Horned Owls call to find each other. A whispered “thank you” for all that has happened in the last few weeks. The amazingness of it all can at times leave the mind spinning while the heart smiles in pure joy.

The following series of images were captured at sunset and dusk from my farm property – “Raptor Ridge” – in Beavercreek Township, Ohio on the evening of September 14 2013.

Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 1 Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 2 Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 3 Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 4 Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 5Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 6  Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 7 Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 8 Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 9 Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 11 Sunset September 14 2013 Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 10

Fall in Ohio | Returning to Cox Arboretum

Join me as I guide and teach the art and craft of nature photography in one of my favorite locations in Ohio – Cox Arboretum MetroPark, just south of Dayton. Some of the reasons I love teaching at Cox include the beautiful and comfortable theater-style classroom and the variety of outdoor subjects to work with when teaching camera settings, lighting and composition. This will be a great opportunity to finally master the exposure settings on that new DSLR camera or pick-up new tips on working with directional lighting and digital editing. This workshop is open to all levels of skill and experience.

The best part about my workshops is that they are fun ! I am there to teach and help all learn and gain in our shared passion for photography. I encourage open discussion and sharing of tips and information amongst the students. The only photography I do on my own when teaching these programs is when I am demonstrating how I “find” a scene, work with the light and compose the capture. My role is to teach and encourage and honestly I have just as much fun with presenting these workshops as I do when I am actually photographing.

During this workshop I will cover the basics of exposure, the most important settings on the DSLR camera (if you have a point-n-shoot, that’s fine too), lenses, lighting, composition and basic digital file editing/workflow. Toward the end of the day I always like to allow for some time for students to share a few images for group/instructor critiques based strictly on positive reinforcement. All of us are constantly learning and growing in photography, whether just starting out or with many years of experience. The most important thing to remember is to shoot and have fun!

This is a full-day workshop starting at 8AM and finishing around 5PM. The $89 fee per person includes instruction, handout materials and box lunch from Panera Bread. I ask for a $20 deposit to register and reserve a seat for the program. The deposit can be paid by check to: Picture Ohio LLC  2581 Trebein Rd. Xenia OH  45385 or via PayPal to “jim@ohiophoto.org.”

For those looking for more of an in-depth workshop experience please consider my weekend workshop I will be presenting on October 25-27 2013 at The Inn at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills.

Email jim@jimcrotty.com for more information or to reserve a spot.


August sunset over meadow prairie in Ohio by Jim Crotty August 19 Sunset in Prairie Meadow by Jim Crotty 2 3V567PumpkinsonTruckHandcoloredbyJimCrottyhighres 3V561PumpkinTruckbyJimCrottyhighres 1E2K5201

New Price for October Workshop in Hocking Hills Ohio | My Most Popular Workshop

The price for the weekend workshop at The Inn at Cedar Falls, in Hocking Hills Ohio, is now just $280. This is my most popular workshop. The program will run from noon Friday October 25 to noon Sunday October 27 2013. I will be guiding the group to my favorite locations in Hocking Hills for fall nature and landscape photography, demonstrating camera settings, lens selection, composition techniques and awareness of optimal lighting conditions. The group will be limited to just 20 participants so that all who attend receive personal attention and instruction.

OPEN TO ALL SKILL LEVELS, beginner to advanced. I provide a valuable learning experience to all who attend as well as a learning atmosphere that is fun and inspires rather than intimidates. Just ask anyone who has attended one of my workshops in the past. The only photography I do of my own during my workshops is for when I am demonstrating a technique or tool. I am there for my students. Not to impress, not to capture new material but to teach, guide and encourage in our shared journey of capturing the beauty of nature in the incredible, haunting landscape of the Hocking Hills.

The fee includes expert field and classroom instruction, custom workshop booklet with maps and handouts, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday (the food at The Inn at Cedar Falls is excellent) and a learning experience that will make a positive difference in your photography.

To register call 937-477-9324 or email jim@jimcrotty.com. There is a $50 deposit requirement to reserve a spot for the workshop, payable via PayPal to “jim@ohiophoto.org” or by check to: Picture Ohio LLC 2581 Trebein Rd. Xenia OH 45385. More information about the workshop available @ http://jimcrotty.zenfolio.com/photography-workshops

Sunrise at The Inn at Cedar Falls by Jim CrottyAt Old Man's Cave by Josh Mayes Return to the Hills October 2011 Photography Workshop by Jim Crotty

Putting Roots Back Down in Ohio | Welcome to Aperture Acres

I’ve been enjoying my return to my Ohio home. The last week has been a whirlwind of activity following my long drive from Texas. Even though I still have unopened boxes all around me I am getting settled into my new home in Beavercreek Township. It is a tremendous blessing to finally live in a home with an abundance of land, nature and wildlife all around me.

Yes, it’s a lot of work to maintain farm property with any amount of acreage but for me it is more than worth it (never thought a John Deere tractor could be so much fun). “Aperture Acres” is beginning to take shape. There’s much to be done before I can host my first workshop at this location but I am confident that the programs I will be presenting at this location will quickly become popular. It is a beautiful location. Just within the last week I’ve been capturing a scene or two and posting on the photography Facebook page for Picture Ohio, LLC. The responses I’ve been receiving have included such remarks as “I can’t believe this actually Beavercreek!”

I am thankful for being guided back to Ohio and to have found such a great place to call home. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Beyond Measure by Jim Crotty 8 BlessedBeyondMeasurebyJimCrottyFW Sunset on June 29 2013 from Beavercreek Township, Ohio by Jim Crotty Sunset on June 29 2013 from Beavercreek Township, Ohio by Jim CrottyAftertheStormbyJimCrottyFW

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