Locations and Light | What the Photographer Feels

A tale of two locations. Corrales, New Mexico and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Evening and morning. The edges of the day present a quality of light that entices the landscape photographer, but in each location a uniqueness to that quality. What is that causes the difference ? Partly due to elevation of the landscape and humidity or dryness of the air, but there’s something else – something that can’t quite be described in words but only experienced with the eyes and heart.

Any visual artist or lover of the visual arts understands the unspoken connection between the creative spirit within and the experience of subject and light of a particular place. In many ways it is like a dance, a love affair intertwined with the emotion of memory and longing and hopefulness. Shadows and light and echoes of the heart. Some think the way of the solitary artist to be one of sadness. It is not. To pursue this passion is an engagement of all the senses as well as God-given talent and the desire to share and inspire. To create, to capture, is to live and love.

Light is life and the through photography the spirit of place is illuminated through the art of expression.

I will never cease to be thankful for that first day when I picked-up a camera and went off into the woods.

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