November Photo Workshop for Beginners and Advanced

Day of Photography Workshop will be a two-session program, the first of which will be for beginning-level photographers looking to gain a better understanding of basic features and settings of the DSLR camera as well as basics of fall nature and landscape photography. I will be teaching the most important settings on the DSLR camera for greater creative control and more pleasing results. The session will include a demonstration on how I set-up and compose for nature and landscape photography, and then my step-by-step process for brining the digital file into the computer for basic adjustments and editing. Topics covered in this session will include understanding exposure, color space, white balance, file format, building a basic camera system for nature photography and elements of effective composition. I will also be sharing tips on where and when to go for best nature and landscape subjects on the Southern Ohio landscape during fall and winter.

The afternoon session will be for those who are more advanced, providing instructional tips on the business and marketing of nature photography. Emphasis will be on social media with marketing the photography business, including web site, blogging, Twitter and Facebook. Topics will include business organization, fine art print sales and installations, stock image licensing and publishing, editorial assignment photo shoots and more. I will be sharing tips and lessons learned based on nearly eight years of experience as a professional photographer.

Also, the afternoon session will include my step-by-step process for HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, from in-camera capture to final print. I began integrating HDR photography in my digital “toolbox” when it first came on the photography scene in 2007. Learn my top tips for obtaining best results, including tonal adjustments in Photomatix Pro and stunning monochrome conversions using Nik plug-ins.

Both sessions will be limited to the first 25 people who register. Cost is $45 per person, per session. $80 for both. Non-refundable $20 deposit required for registration, payable via check or PayPal. Please call 937-432-6711 or email

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