Travel Photography in Manhattan

My goal on a recent trip with my daughter to New York was NOT to take one of my DSLR cameras, but at the last minute I threw-in my Canon 5D Mark II and a couple of lenses that are relatively small and low in weight – a Lensbaby and a Canon 50mm f1.8. I couldn’t resist. What can I say ? I’m a photographer. Sometimes it’s a good thing to head-out to an entirely new location with completely different subject matter – as compared to what I usually photograph – and just have fun. Below are some of my favorite images from the trip.

What’s especially nice about the Canon 5D Mark II is the capability to shoot hand-held at very high ISO (film speed = sensitivity of digital sensor) settings. This feature came in handy while inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

What are your travel plans for the summer ? Try going with minimal camera gear and just go with the flow.

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