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Jim Crotty’s Top 13 Tips for Nature Photography | Professional Photographer Magazine Web Exclusive

Jim Crotty’s Top 13 Tips for Nature Photography Professional Photographer Magazine Web Exclusives.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be featured in the December 2012 issue of “Professional Photographer,” the monthly magazine of the Professional Photographers of America. Accompanying the article is a “top tips” list published as a web exclusive of “Professional photographer.” Both the web exclusive and the print article include recent samples of my work with nature and landscape photography, particularly from here on Hilton Head Island.

I’m honored to have this kind of exposure and attention to my photography, especially from the largest organization representing my profession. I’ve been an active member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) since 2006. PPA serves as an excellent resource for education and training, insurance, certification and industry advocacy, something that’s especially important in today’s environment when professional photographers are competing with a growing number of hobbyists who dabble in photography-for-hire on the side.

To have my work and experience considered worthy of attention and publication by my peer group on a national level is indeed something of which I am very grateful.

Certified Professional Photographer

Last night I returned home from a full-day workshop in Cincinnati – PhotoTech by the Ohio Valley Chapter of ASMP – to discover in my mailbox a nice letter and certificate from the Professional Photographic Certification Commission. After taking and subsequently passing a two-hour, comprehensive written examination on technical expertise and successfully submitting 20 images from different commercial photo shoots to a panel of judges for review and approval, I have officially earned the designation of Certified Professional Photographer. Currently there are less than 2,000 professional photographers in the United States who have earned this designation.

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