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New Offering for Photo Workshops | In the Light of New Mexico

I’m excited to announce a new endeavor with photography instruction and workshops. From March 15 to March 30 2015 I will be partnering with New Mexico Jeep Tours, based in Albuquerque, in providing a unique offering in the growing field of destination photography workshops and tours. I’ve presented and taught my own small group workshops in Dayton and Hocking Hills, Ohio, as well as Hilton Head Island S.C., but this will be the first time of joining resources with a well-established and professionally managed outdoor touring firm.

This unique combination will provide clients with both the value of top quality photography field instruction and the proven experience and practicality of guided, safe transportation to areas of the New Mexico high desert that are not open to the public. There are many other choices when it comes to destination workshops, however very few offer access to scenic areas that are private and away from the noise and crowds of popular and often visited and frequently photographed parks of the American West. Just recently Outside Magazine published an article about the challenges of photography in our National Parks and monuments and increase in restrictions and costly permit requirements.

Subjects for photography and photography instruction with New Mexico Jeep Tours – on a 20,000 acre private ranch – include rarely seen ghost towns, protected and preserved artifacts and fossils, amazing displays of petroglyphs, wild horses, raptors and striking landscapes presented in a light so unique to this region that it has attracted and held the creative imagination of visual artists who have become icons in their respective mediums over the last two centuries.

New Mexico Jeep Tours can accommodate a group size up to nine people for photography tours. The firm operates three, four-wheel drive Jeep Wranglers that are safe, fun and fully equipped to traverse the desert and canyon landscape for photographic opportunities off the beaten path. Meals are provided too.

The photography tour is a TOTAL learning experience, not only through the hands-on instruction and guidance of my teaching photography in the field but participants will also learn a great deal regarding our subject matter, including Native American history of the area, the intriguing stories of early settlements and amazing details of the flora and fauna of the canyons and desert.

From my years of leading and teaching workshops I have found that participants are most comfortable learning in a safe, small group setting and outside, on-location where I can easily demonstrate the tools, techniques and tips of nature and landscape photography that moves imagery from mere snapshots to striking works of art.

Guiding and instructing small groups in the field is the type of teaching that I personally find most rewarding because it’s fun, results-oriented and I love to see that spark and light go on in the eyes of my students, igniting a renewed passion for the photographic experience and photographers discovering their signature style. For those participants with the New Mexico Jeep Tours photo workshop program wishing to learn more beyond field instruction I will also be offering evening sessions in the “digital darkroom” covering my best practices for digital image editing and file management.

This truly will be an EXPERIENCE and not just a typical vacation trip or workshop. I have photographed with New Mexico Jeep Tours and my good friend Roch Hart – the owner – since 2009. Roch has very impressive and well-earned reviews and rated #3 of all the activities listed for Albuquerque on Trip Advisor.

If you love photography and are looking for a destination with professional guidance and instruction – something truly rewarding and off the beaten path – please consider the opportunity to join me and New Mexico Jeep Tours for a learning experience that will make a difference with your photographic skills and artistic vision for years to come. Not only that, but it’s just flat-out FUN! I have never gone out to New Mexico and NOT come back with amazing imagery.

For detailed information including pricing and reservations please see

Up on the Diamond Tail Ranch 4 Sunset sky near Los Alamos New Mexico on March 6 2012 by Jim Crotty Photo Sep 03, 2 13 38 PM Photo Aug 07, 10 12 37 PM Bristlecone Pine in New Mexico Black and White Landscape Photography by Jim Crotty

Seasons of Light | My Best of 2014

Presenting my “Best of 2014″ slideshow/video, highlighting what I think are my personal favorite nature and landscape images taken throughout the previous year. The images are presented in order, from January through the end of December, showing the progression of the seasons and the change in light.

 This particular slideshow carries even more personal meaning due to the fact that soon I will be leaving my home on “Raptor Ridge” in Greene County, Ohio. I’ve sold the eight acre farmhouse and property recently and will be exploring other opportunities for my photography and photography instruction by staying somewhat flexible and free from the responsibilities of caring for a property of that size, for the time being.
For a few weeks beginning in mid-March I will be offering field photography instruction in New Mexico, working in conjunction with New Mexico Jeep Tours. I will still maintain Picture Ohio LLC in Dayton. This endeavor is exploratory in nature. I do plan to present spring workshops in Ohio, in possibly April and May.
I will always be thankful for my home and photographic experiences on Raptor Ridge. Part of me will always linger on those sunsets and with those sunrises overlooking the Beavercreek Wetlands as well as some wonderful memories shared with my kids.
Life and photography are ever-changing and I know with me there have been more than the usual amount of changes and moves over the last few years! However one thing will always be constant and that is my passion for photography and my love of sharing my photographic discoveries with others. I am blessed and thankful to have the art of photography to serve as my main channel for expression and connection.

Best of 2014 | Photography by Jim Crotty from Jim Crotty on Vimeo.

Photography Published in New Book

I am pleased and honored to have several of my nature and landscape images published in the new book release, “South: What it Means to be Here in Heart or in Spirit.” The photographs selected were those captured in South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas. “South” also includes the work of several other well known photographers and essays from some of the best known authors and essayists throughout the Southern United States including Pat Conroy.  “South” is published by Lydia Inglett Ltd. Publishing of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

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This Couple’s Shared Passion for Photography Extended Beyond the Grave

This Couple’s Shared Passion for Photography Extended Beyond the Grave.

The gift of photography is not so much in the beauty of the captured image as it is in the shared experience of living in the light of a common love for beauty; the visual expression of the spirit of life.

Photo Workshop Announcend for September 20 2014 | Cox Arboretum Dayton Ohio

I am happy to present a fall photography workshop amongst the beautiful gardens of Cox Arboretum MetroPark, near Dayton Ohio. This will be a one-day program that includes both classroom and field instruction, with subjects that include close-up nature, landscapes and outdoor portraits. Classroom instruction will be presented in the Mead Theater Room at Cox Arboretum, interspersed with outings to the gardens for demonstrations and exercises in composition, camera settings, lighting and more.

Toward the end of the workshop I will have time for students to share select images for class and instructor critiques, always conducted in a way to positively reinforce creative ability, technical skill and artistic vision.

I love photography but perhaps I love teaching photography even more. Come share in my passion for both the art and craft of photography. Late September at Cox Arboretum provides exquisite lighting conditions and wonderful natural subjects to photograph, including a tall grass prairie in its late summer/early fall splendor.

There will be models on hand for my field instruction on outdoor portraits, using both natural light and detached flash. Students will learn the difference between simple snapshots and professional portraits with my best tips on posing, angles, light direction and depth of field.

Classroom instruction will feature managing and editing image files using Adobe Lightroom and the Nik plug-in software.

This workshop is primarily geared toward those just starting out with their first DSLR camera, however, I often have advanced photographers attend my introductory workshops because there is always an opportunity to learn and share in a group instruction setting. A DSLR camera is not required but strongly recommended. Students are encouraged to bring all of their equipment.

The cost is $89 per person which includes a catered box lunch from Panera Bread. The workshop will begin at 8:30 AM and conclude by 5:00 PM. There is a $20 deposit required to reserve a seat. I try to keep my workshops limited to the first 20 people who register so as to ensure quality of personal instruction. Deposit payments can be made by check to: Picture Ohio LLC 2581 Trebein Rd. Xenia OH 45385 or via PayPal to “”

Come enjoy a beautiful day of fun and learning and see why it is that I still have as much passion and enthusiasm for the camera and light as I did when I first got started many years ago. It will be a photographic experience you will always remember, and one which will make a big difference with what you can accomplish with your camera.

Email or call 937-896-6311.

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Storm clouds and sunset sky on April 29 2014 from Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty

Hard-Earned and Worth Celebrating | Spring in Ohio

It would be an understatement to say I am thankful for the arrival of spring in Ohio. This past winter was just brutal. Sure, there were days of beautiful snow and wonderful winter window light, but you never fully realize just how hard winter in Ohio can be until you experience it from the vantage point of a 115 year old farmhouse on eight acres of farmland, one which isn’t connected to all those great utilities we tend to take for granted. Don’t ever allow someone to convince you that propane is an inexpensive way to heat a house during winter!

But spring has sprung and perhaps the best month for nature photography in Ohio is upon us – beautiful May. April was pretty awesome too. I posted this note on my photography Facebook page providing a recap of my experiences during the 2014 Shoot the Hills weekend event in Hocking Hills, Ohio.

More than just an event, Shoot the Hills has become a celebration of spring of sorts, where photographers of all skill levels come together to shake-off the last of the winter blahs and relish in the beauty that is spring in our beloved Hocking Hills State Park.

This had me thinking too. Isn’t the act and art of capturing a photograph just that, a “celebration?” The image that moves both photographer and viewer becoming the visual proof of emotion expressed in appreciation of a moment that will never be repeated again, with that unique harmony and flow of light, subject and setting with the universal need to express beyond what words are capable of describing. The photographer. The subject. The viewer. Expressing, connecting and celebrating.

Spring is much more than a change in the weather. It is a rebirth of creative energy and the lifting of the hopeful spirit. It’s a time to get up, get going and start anew again. Our energy reflects the energy of change that takes place around us, and for me at least photography is representative of that connection between creative spirit and environment.

I’m grateful for spring. All is new again within the elegant mystery of the divine constant.

Nature and landscape of late April in Hocking Hills Ohio by Jim Crotty Nature and landscape of late April in Hocking Hills Ohio by Jim Crotty InDeepWoodsbyJimCrottyFW Storm clouds and sunset sky on April 29 2014 from Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty AprilSunsetOvertheFarmbyJimCrottyFW Palm Sunday Moon on April 13 2014 by Jim Crotty May 4 2014 Sunset on Raptor Ridge by Jim Crotty 6 Nature and landscape of early April in Ohio by Jim Crotty

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